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Dyed Black Mulch

Dyed Brown Mulch

Natural Mulch

Our 100% All Bark Mulch is made from oak bark straight from a sawmill.

We choose all BARK MULCH because: holds moisture like a sponge, stays on a bank & does not run off, feeds your shrubs & flowers, helps you weed less, conditions your soil, keeps the soil temperature cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter, and it is composted for a full year (fewer insects).

Black, Brown, Natural & Mushroom Soil are also sold in bags.


Mushroom Soil

This product is the substrata used in commercial mushroom growing. It is sold after the mushroom crop is harvested. Good for gardens, moisture retention nature will keep seed moist until germination & could help discourage birds from eating newly sown seed. Makes a good soil amendment

Topsoil – Screened

This is soil that has been run through a sifter to remove clumps, rocks, roots, sticks & other debris. It is excellent for top dressing & seeding.

 Topsoil – Limestone

This is unscreened topsoil that has been excavated from a site. This is ideal for filling or leveling low areas.

Black, Brown, Natural & Mushroom Soil are also sold in bags.


River Stone 57 Round

River Rock 2-B

River Rock #3

Red Stone 2-B

These are nice decorative stones, nice around flower beds, sidewalks & driveways.


2-B Limestone

This is good for under sheds & concrete, can use for driveways.

2-A Limestone

This is good for driveways & walkways.


Also known as Stone Dust, this is good to lay under pavers.

Metered Concrete

Our metered concrete trucks will deliver the exact amount of concrete your job requires. You will only pay for the amount you use.

Dump Truck Hauling

We have 7 Tri-axle Dump Trucks allowing us to haul: Sand, Stone, Blacktop, Limestone, Topsoil and Shale.

Small Delivery Truck

Our F350 Truck hauls up to 3 ton of stone or 6 yards of mulch.

Single Axle Truck

Our single axle truck hauls up to 9 ton and this truck is capable of getting into those tight spots.


We offer an array of different slate from our quarry.

Fine Slate

Customers usually use this to top driveways, or fill pot holes. This material can be leveled with a skid loader or tractor. It is very difficult to level with a shovel.

Medium Grade Slate

Our medium grade slate is what Excavators usually use this to build a base for a road. This material requires a larger machine such as a track loader. Not possible to shovel.